I have dreamed of being an Author since I was very young. I have many hand written stories in blank page bound journals. It might be fun to put some of them up someday. I spent several years earning a pay check and leaving my dreams on a shelf. I decided to pull them down, dust them off and make them a reality.

I love being creative and daydreaming has long been a pastime of mine. The website cover photo is a picture of my daughter enjoying her own fantasy world. It runs in the family.

My husband is an extremely talented musician with crazy good musical friends. I openly and unabashedly support live music. Both of my kiddos are burgeoning instrumentalist. I am happy to sit and actually listen and watch live music no chatting necessary. I also am an excellent roadie. I can carry gear in high heels.

I fear the comma and editing is my least favorite part of writing. Not original but very true. I am blessed to have good friends who try their best to keep me on the grammar train. Please don’t blame them if I have chosen to jump off.

While I have not traveled everywhere some of my favorite places are home, San Francisco, CA, Edisto, SC, Castleisland, Ireland (I have family there who I think are wonderful), Dublin, Ireland, (Well, really, Ireland) Florence, Italy and Frederick, MD. I will let you know when the list grows as I am sure it will.

This is my first series idea. I do have others. I am in the writing process for the second book in the series.